Street Fighter 6 acquires game with producers in 4K; watching

Last Monday (20), Street Fighter 6 Received exclusive and high quality gameplay! 4K resolution and 60 fpsA few start with director and producer Takayuk Nakaiama and Shuhei Matsumoto.

The video came from the influential Maximilian Dude, a leading member of the fighting games community today, who was invited to try out the game. Summer Game Festival.

For this reason, matches bring interesting moves, allowing you to better imagine what the game’s dynamics will be like. In addition, the image quality is much higher than any other published video, which pays more attention to RE Engine’s new visuals – the engine that is also used A village inhabited by evil And Devil May Cry 5.

By bringing in more experienced players, the video also gets into the Drive system, which is the main mechanic Street Fighter 6. The game has a special strip that includes your main offensive and defensive techniques, including Drive Impact, Machine Paris, Drive in a hurryAmong others.

Although Guile has already been confirmed as a toy fighter, the video version features only four selectable fighters: Ryu, Chun-li, Luke And JamieWhich is new to the franchise.

Street Fighter 6 News

In a conversation with the press the producers Street Fighter 6 Also confirmed The game will support cross-play on all platforms. Unlike its predecessor, which was exclusive to the PS4 and PC, the new game will also be released on the PS5 and Xbox series in 2023.

Finally, fans can also expect a Return netcode To ensure an unprecedented better quality online game – one of the main criticisms of its predecessor.

Concept Street Fighter 6 Focuses on street culture, which is quite evident in the artistic direction of its menu and soundtrack. According to Capcom, experience revolves around three main pillars: World Travel, Battlefield And Battle Hub.

The first is a one-player story mode that brings the open world to the forefront for the first time in franchise history. The second is a space that includes all the combat modes that were Street Fighter 5. The third has some details published, but promises new forms of communication and interaction between players.

The next big announcement about the game is expected to take place in August, during EVO 2022. Until then, continue accessing Voxel For more news!

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