Streamers and important members of the Diablo Immortal community are starting to leave the game ⋆

will complete the first month of life, Devil immortal It continues to be talked about, but not for good reasons. The game managed to stand out by offering a worthy experience for the franchise, but its aggressive monetization system drew a barrage of criticism. Because of this, the last few days have been marked by some significant movements in which streamers and relevant members of the community have decided to give up on the adventure… Let’s get to the bottom of this story shall we?

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Not long ago, streamer Quin69 Decided to quit Diablo Immortal after “toasting” 25k NZD to get a rare item. The player in question left by deleting their character and sent a message SnowstormIt shows their dissatisfaction with the aggressive monetization system. Since then, other relevant streamers and members of the community have followed suit, which has started to take off. So far, like the names Asmongold, Bellular Gaming, Wudijo And many others have already said goodbye to the adventure, which shows that there is still a lot to be improved by the developers.

It remains to be seen if these big names in the community will influence more players to abandon the title, but this could be the start of the boycott that many have been waiting for. After all, while Blizzard continues to make huge amounts of money from the game, it isn’t lifting a finger to ease the burden imposed by the monetization system. Recall that a recent “research” confirmed that a “full-fledged” character in the game can cost a total of 540 thousand USD (if the player is lucky). In short, Diablo Immortal remains at the center of controversy, and it seems that now the developers may be forced to change things.

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