Streamer uses motion control to turn SiFu into a kung fu class

The game becomes even more complicated when an alternative method of control is used

Launched in February this year, სიფუ Is a game known for its complexity as well as its commitment to inspiration. The action game faithfully reflects the Pack May style moves – which, thanks to Rudeism Streamer, can now also be used as a game control tool.

Known for using non-traditional controls, The content producer used gloves equipped with motion sensors to change the way the game works. The result was shared on Twitter, where he showed how the shots he performed in real life turned into orders in SiFu.

I was feeling really bad this weekend, but I managed to create one of the funniest buildings I have ever done – controlling Sifu traffic“- writes Rudeism. According to Streamer, Can be adapted control “A little moody And just play in simple mode well – beyond that Will make the game uncontrollable by movement.

The game promises even more upgrades

The Rudeims project comes soon after the developer sloclap Release the update that brought New game difficulty modesTransform your unique experience. The company promises to continue supporting the title in the coming months.An update scheduled for August promises to allow you to customize all aspects of your experience individually.

Released in early May, The game’s latest patch also brings new options for personalizing training mode. In addition to training shots against individual enemies, players can also test their skills with different opponents and test each item available in SiFu.

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In the coming months, The game should get more skins option, a new editor for its repeat mode and Arena mode Aimed at its most experienced and talented players. SiFu is now available PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 And Pracha (Only on Epic Games Store) and so far there are no possible release instructions for other platforms.


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