Stray: See a comparison of the game running on PS4, PS5, PC and Steam Deck

Stray was released yesterday (!9) and is part of the PS Plus Extra and Deluxe catalogue

Also popular as Cat game, a tramp He was released yesterday (19). PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Pracha and the channel is on YouTube ElAnalistaDeBits A comparison has already been made showing the differences between each version and also comparing the performance of the version Pracha running steam deck.

The title was developed by the studio Annapurna Interactive and released directly into the catalog PlayStation Plus Extra and suite, Allows subscribers to be served Sony You can play the game at no additional cost PS4 and PS5.

See below how each platform performed in the tests.

Platform resolution frame rate Game size
PlayStation 5 4K 60 fps 7.55 GB
PlayStation 4 1080p 30 fps 13.36 GB
Computer (Ultra/RTX 3080) 4K 6.46 GB
steam deck (medium) 720p ~ 45 fps 6.46 GB

Check out the comparison video below. a tramp made by the channel ElAnalistaDeBits.

PS Plus Extra and Deluxe will get Final Fantasy VII Integrade, Stray, Assassin’s Creeds and more in July

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The channel also published a comparison between the versions PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5Check it out below.

of all versions, Pracha Brings better shadows and post-processing effects, while PS5next to PrachaBrings higher resolution in reflections and better textures.

version steam deck Runs on average at 720p resolution and achieves a variable frame rate of around 45 fps, frame rate locking can be an alternative to prevent game flickering.

What did you think of the comparison? a tramp? What platform are you going to play the game on? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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The limited edition Stray comes with a backpack to carry your cat around for almost R$1000.00

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Critics show generally positive impressions of the game


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Source: YouTube / ElAnalistaDeBits


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