Stray: Meet the ‘Cat Game’, coming free on PS Plus Extra and Deluxe

a tramp, known online as “The Cat Game,” will be released on July 19 for PS4, PS5, and PC. PS Plus Extra and Deluxe subscribers will be able to enjoy it at launch at no extra cost.

You’ve already checked out the trophy list and some information, but now you can find out in detail what BlueTwelve Studio’s game proposal is all about.

cat hero

As you begin your journey in the Tramp, you meet a cat hero. He is wounded, alone and nameless. But this is no ordinary stray cat. In a strange city where only robots live, your only goal is to find your way home.

Brought to life by the team of cat lovers at BlueTwelve Studio, the cat has all the awesome features you’d expect from a fearless feline hero.

Characteristics of a cat

pushing things off the edges

Owners know very well how much cats love to push things. At least in the tramp it is useful. You’ll use this essential skill to clear paths and advance through the city, or even to find hidden areas.


With a dedicated “meow” button, you can enjoy your meow as much as you want. It may sound strange, but it’s helpful to get into the cat’s mindset and understand how they normally interact with their environment.


It is worth studying the environment, and the cat’s body language indicates where the most dangerous places are. Be careful and don’t let curiosity kill the cat.


A cat wouldn’t be a cat if it didn’t spend most of the day sleeping, and in a stray you can choose when and where you sleep. When curled up and purring contentedly, the DualSense wireless controller’s tactile feedback and speaker will make you feel like you’re holding a sleeping kitten.

A scratch

You can also scratch furniture and other surfaces. Stray uses the haptic response of adaptive triggers on the DualSense wireless controller to give you the real feel of destroying something.

Sensing the environment

Cats often rely on touch to navigate the world. Apply it to the legs of friendly robots and hide it in boxes: it will come in handy when you need to escape. Ziplining, pushing objects, and interacting with certain things are all unique thanks to the tactile feedback of the DualSense wireless controller.

B-12, the drone companion

You’ll find a small plane called the B-12 at the beginning of the story, and it will join the cat on its journey. You will be able to explore the whole city only if you combine the natural abilities of the cat with the abilities of B-12.

It’s not yet clear why the B-12 helps, but it should be remembered that the plane’s little companion has its own motivations and is an important character in the story.

What does B-12 do in the vagus?

Interaction and translation

You can call B-12 to connect to all things electronic (computers, doors, etc.) and help the cat read the robot alphabet from signs and understand what the robots are saying.

stores things

Although it is a small drone, the B-12 has an inventory of mission items. These inventory items can be shown to the robot dwellers to advance. It also stores “memories” that can later be examined to reveal information about the city.

Give directions

Call B-12 anytime to remind you of your current goal, especially if you don’t know where to go.

in the face of enemies

A cat’s speed and agility are the first line of defense against your enemies, but unlockable skills give B-12 the tools to fight. Spines, tick-like enemies and other dangers await. The B-12’s abilities are limited, so you’ll also need to use stealth and the environment to come out on top.

light the way

B-12 provides torches in various dark areas of the city.

a tramp

Robot population

The city is populated by a variety of humanoid robots, each living out their day among the remains of what used to be a human settlement. Every robot reacts differently to the sight of a cat, and you’ll learn which types are friendly and which are not.

Friendly locals

Some robots are very useful, helping you progress on your journey. Follow Momo at the beginning of the game, and later on, Grandma, who helps make spare parts costumes for the community. But do your best to talk to everyone! You never know who might be a useful contact.

Dialogue: “Grandma – I like to knit.” So far I have knitted 478 miles of scarves. It’s something to keep me busy.”


of your imagination

The city featured in Tramp is inspired by the Kowloon Walled City, a place that the co-founders of BlueTwelve Studio have always found fascinating. They considered the concentration of housing and different levels somewhat organic.

Using this, they created several visual experiments on cities like Kowloon, which soon became the perfect cat playground. Stray’s concept soon followed.

the atmosphere

Colorful neon signs and strings of lights beautifully illuminate what could have been a dark dystopian civilization.

The addition of robots to this environment creates an intriguing narrative and a stark contrast between their synthetic yet humanoid nature, the organic feel of the city, and the noticeable lack of humans.


The verticality of the city adds a new dimension to the research.

You will need to solve puzzles in the scenario and search for “memories” that will unlock data in B-12 that talk about the city. How do plants grow without sunlight? Where did the robot alphabet come from? What happened to the old residents of the city?

Only a cat can access these few areas to unravel the mysteries of the past and present.

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