Stray debuted to over 62,000 competitive players on Steam in less than 24 hours

The number is an absolute record among Annapurna Interactive titles

After becoming the most wanted game on Steam, Stray has now taken over A peak of nearly 63,000 competitive players on Valve’s platform less than 24 hours after launch. Based on this information alone, Annapurna Interactive’s new title is in the 17th position, very close to the likes of Warframe and FIFA 22.

As for the number of active players now, Stray has more than 50 thousand at the time of this news. This puts the cat in between The 20 most played titles on the Valve platform. In addition to the “this is a kitty game, I want it” and “wow, what should a cat game be like?” factors, the price also helped, as before yesterday’s launch Stray was on sale for R$57.41 and its price. It is normal BRL 63.79.

Stray is a top performer among the games published by Annapurna Interactive. In comparison, the publisher’s second highest performing game on Steam is Twelve Minutes with a peak of 8,021 concurrent players, well below Stray.

The proposal is different and attractive

If for some reason you have no idea what a stray is, the explanation is simple: you are a stray cat in a cyberpunk city, and as the game description says, the cat is “lost, alone and separated from its family” and in need. to find a way back home.

Stray: See a comparison of the game running on PS4, PS5, PC and Steam Deck

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In the middle of this story is the environment that the trailer shows: robots, lots of neon lights, and strange creatures that seem to be the cat’s plague and enemy. The game has beautiful graphics for an independent production. The game was developed by BlueTwelve Studio, which debuted with Stray.

I’m particularly a person who likes dogs more, but I had a cat and the suggestion of a game piqued my interest. I admit to being surprised by Straight. The game has nothing fancy, it’s very simple, with linear paths, no freedom of exploration.

However, this is definitely the best game with animals. The movement of the cats, including their interactions with the environment, such as scratching nails on the carpet, among other movements, is impressive because it is well done.

The Stray has a limited edition that comes with a backpack to carry your real cat, and it comes with a collar with the same vest worn by the game’s protagonist. The title is available for PC for R$63.79 on Steam and R$149.50 on the PlayStation Store for those who do not subscribe to PS Plus Extra.


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