Stormgate is the first game from Frost Giant Studios to feature Blizzard veterans.

The company wants to introduce the features of the RTS genre to a new audience

Summer Game Festival 2022 was marked for the debut of the trailer for the trailer StormThe first project developed by the studio Frost giant. Consisting of Blizzard veterans, The developer wants to save a good time in the real-time strategy genrel (RTS), while updating it for a new audience.

The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and it seems Combine the fantastic elements of the Warcraft series with the futuristic elements of StarCraft. “We Build Stormgate for Real Time Strategies for the Community – Past, Present and Future“Says Tim Morten, CEO and Production Director at Frost Giant Studios.

According to the company, Stormgate is built with the intent of creating a social experience that breaks down barriers between people. The trailer released by the company does not reveal elements of gameplay, but the company promises that all game systems will be based SnowPlay technologyWhich guarantees aSharp and responsive game“.

Play alone or with companions

Frost Giant Games promises this The game will feature a series of story-based campaigns, Which you can enjoy alone or in the presence of a friend. Stormgate will also arrive ready for the eSports scene, offers Ranked 1v1 or 3v3 matchesEach offers unique profit terms.

Those who prefer a more cooperative option will have it 3vE mode, Which will have its own progression system and various possibilities of personalization. Დ Completion, The title will have a customized match system and tools that allow you to watch other players and learn their decisions and skills..

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Stormgate bets on a whole new post-apocalyptic scenario in which the Infernals – creatures with demonic characteristics – try to claim the earth for themselves. In this case, People need to gain their courage (and their advanced mechanisms) to fight the threat And prevents him from accomplishing the goal.

Frost Giant Studios promises disclosure More game details on PC Gaming Show, Scheduled for next week (12). RTS free play format should start Beta testing in 2023And now you can log on to the official website to learn more about the process and sign up for it – Click here to access.


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Source: Press Office / Frost Giant Studios


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