Steam: Valve Raises Suggested Regional Prices, Worries Users

Valve updated this Tuesday (25), Suggested regional price list The Steam platform, the main reference for purchasing PC games. Changes based on US dollars, Paying attention to growth in all regions. Prices in Brazil are up to 65% more expensive based on offers.

This practice allows developers to price their games in the 39 currencies supported by Steam – without the need for time and knowledge to manually set values ​​in each region.

Previously, one dollar games in the Steam store were equivalent to R$2.29. Now, the recommendation is that they cost R$ 3.49, which represents an increase of 52%. The biggest variation was for games costing US$5.99, which is now equivalent to R$20.49 – that’s 65% more expensive than the previous price of R$12.39.

Here are some new suggested prices in Brazil, comparing the old price with the new one:

  • $20: BRL 37.99 / BRL 59.99 (+58%);
  • $30: BRL 57.99 / 88.99 (+53%);
  • $40: BRL 75.49 / BRL 107.99 (43%);
  • $60: BRL 109.99 / BRL 162.00 (47%);
  • $70: BRL 127.99 / BRL 188.99 (+48%).

The most alarming situation is in Turkey and Argentina, where the increase is up to 528%. It should be noted that many users have moved their country accounts to these regions to save on emissions.

Will everything become more expensive?

As the name suggests, the table is a recommendation and The The final pricing decision is still up to the developers and publishers“, the company says.

However, for the sake of convenience, it is natural for many developers to accept new bid prices on the platform. That means most of that growth, yes, has to happen on the platform. Valve also warrants that it is committed to updating prices regularly, with an annual price review.

“We believe this is a good help, but with the constant evolution of purchasing power and exchange rates, we needed to make significant changes to the recommendations to remain relevant.”The company writes.

You can check all the tables, with the new proposed prices and their respective increases by region, by clicking here.

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