Steam research shows that the number of users of Windows 11 has decreased

Microsoft’s latest OS version saw a 1.47% drop on the platform

a little while ago, Valve Corporation Published monthly hardware and software survey results Steam Which means October 2022. In the report of the company it is noticeable that Windows 11 64 bit Lost space and part of the advantage of platform users.

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Windows 10 is preferred

According to information published on Steam’s official website, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system fell from 24.84% in September. 23.37% In October, which represents a drop 1.47%.

In the first position, the platform revealed that Windows 10 64 bit It remains a favorite among players. The system has the latest version 68.91% Increase in preference accounting 0.42% compared to the previous month.

already Windows 7 64 bitwhich will end official support at the beginning of 2023, has increased 1.19%That is, it currently has 3.59% Consumer preference. Besides, Windows 8.1 64 bit with 0.40%and Windows 7with 0.11%Also among them used in the same period.

Windows versions most used by users on Steam (Image: Disclosure/Steam)

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It is worth noting that Windows represents the majority of Steam users. thus, 96.5% The players use Microsoft’s operating system. Currently, macOS is second with 2.23% and Linux is third with 1.28% of users.

Recall that research promoted by Valve aims to discover the most used components and programs by players. The company also emphasizes that participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous, and the collected data helps platform developers make decisions about which technologies to invest in and which products to offer to the gaming community.

And you, do you use Steam often? What is your operating system? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

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