Steam prohibits review scores and other visuals from game covers

The new rule will come into effect on September 1

Steam has several award-winning games, and many of them use their achievements to grab the player’s attention while promoting them. despite This will change from September 1Because the Valve platform decided that everything should be “as clear and simple as possible”. The new rules are about banning more text, logos and scores on game covers.

According to Steam, these elements make the user experience “confusing and inaccurate”. The platform cites several examples, such as a small game logo next to other larger elements, making it difficult to even know the name of the title. There are still times when a game cover has so much analysis that it detracts from readability.

“Some capsules contain outdated scores. We’ve also noticed that in most cases these additional texts are only presented in English, making them inaccessible to the vast majority of Steam’s audience who are not fluent in the language,” Steam adds. Capsules are the game’s own banners/covers.

Steam is announcing an event with fighting game promotions for September

Therefore, a game banner on Steam must include game artwork, the game name, and any official subtitles.

– Continues after commercial –

Store schedule rules – new

  • There are no review scores, neither from reviews published on Steam, nor from external sources.
  • No award name, symbol or logo.
  • There is no text about the discount. eg: “Promotion in the air!” or “Up to 90% off!”
  • No text or images promoting another product. This includes sequels or other titles in the same series.
  • There is no other unrelated text.

The platform will still allow exceptions in this regard. They refer to the insertion of these elements, but temporarily, until:

  • Temporary Work Used — When text is included in a graphic resource, it must be submitted as a temporary work for a maximum duration of one month.
  • All text is translated – all the text of the graphic resource must be translated into at least the same languages ​​that the game supports.
  • Only New Content Described – The only additional text received in a game capsule is that which describes a major game content update, new seasonal event, battle pass, additional content, or new game content type. .

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