Steam is releasing tests for an updated version of Big Picture mode

The interface promises to make it even easier to navigate the platform using traditional gamepads

Valve announced this Thursday (27) that Testing of a new version of the Big Picture interface has begun, designed to make it easier to use Steam using normal controls. According to the company, changes have been made Optimization of the process of using the portable Steam DeckBut it will also affect the desktop versions of the platform.

Among the changes made by the company Create a new home screen, where you can quickly refresh recently played games and check your friends’ activities. In addition, he Developed a new control configuratorA way that allows users to work with custom charts more easily.

A new version of the big picture too It promises to optimize the purchase of games and brings a new system menuwhich can be accessed by pressing buttons Steam, Xbox, PS or at homedepending on the type of control used. According to Valve, the public release of the new interface will allow it to get the feedback it needs to make the necessary changes.

Tests are available to all Steam users

To participate in the testing process, you need to open the settings of the Steam application and in the tab “Account” Opt-in to beta versions of the platform. Once this is done, it is essential Edit Steam launch shortcut with launch option “-gamepadui” (without quotes) after opening the program to test the new interface.

Although Valve has been working on a new version of Big Picture for a long time, The company expects that it may still experience some visual or performance issues. Until now, the company has not disclosed how long the testing phase will last, nor when the final version of the interface should be released.

A mode focused on providing a user experience that was more focused on the use of controls, it debuted in 2012, opening the door for the company to launch platforms that became known as Steam Machines. Valve’s intention is that the new version offers a The most integrated experience the store has to offer on both desktop and portable Steam Deck.

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