Steam is raising its recommended prices and games will be more expensive in Brazil

Argentina and Turkey are among the countries whose value increased by 536%

THE Steam changed its recommended price table around the world, which has not happened since its inception. represented in dozens of markets in different currencies, ValveSteam, which owns Steam, has updated its table that automatically rates games for all regions.

Information about this was published in the publication Twitter user Linoan, where he highlights the changes we’ll have in future releases. Following the launch of Steam in Brazil, 1 USD automatically converted to R$2.29 in cases where the distributor did not set the price manuallyfrom now on The recommended price will be R$ 3.49 for each US dollar.

Despite this change, the prices of AAA PC games in Brazil in recent years have followed the prices set for console games, which is why only indie games, for the most part, come here at the recommended price.

We take an example Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, the game is on pre-sale in Brazil for R$299.90, the same price as on consoles. If activation According to the old recommendation, the game will cost R$ 160.28 (US$ 69.99), if the company considers the new price of R$ 3.29 to the dollar, it will cost R$ 244.27.

This shows that Brazilian consumers are currently paying a price above the recommended price and that the price of games from the big companies should probably not change. But there is no way to be sure that companies will not apply proportional adjustments.

As a result, smaller games, with less marketing appeal, must continue to follow recommended prices, which will bring an increase of up to 65%, depending on the practical value in the United States. SteamDB All new prices are listed here.

Pricing table on Steam, before and after the move

We have highlighted some changes from the price list, check them out below.

Value in US dollars Actual value in BRL New value in BRL price difference
$0.99 BRL 2.29 BRL 3.49 +52%
$1.99 BRL 4.49 BRL 6.99 +56%
$5.99 BRL 12.39 BRL 20.49 +65%
$9.99 BRL 20.69 BRL 32.99 +59%
$19.99 BRL 37.99 BRL 59.99 +58%
$29.99 BRL 57.99 BRL 88.99 +53%
$39.99 BRL 75.49 BRL 107.99 +43%
$49.99 BRL 93.99 BRL 134.99 +44%
$59.99 BRL 109.99 BRL 162.00 +47%
$69.99 BRL 127.99 BRL 188.99 +48

Argentina and Turkey had an increase of up to 486% of the base value

Along with the change for everyone, Argentina and Turkey experienced the biggest changes, with growth in these countries reaching 536% and 525% respectively.

The $9.99 game, which used to cost ARS 129.99 (R$4.44) in Argentina, now costs ARS 765.00 (R$26.12), while in Turkey the price was TL 18.50 (R5.27 R$) and changed to 105.00 Turkish lira (R$29). ).

Finally, Steam reiterated its commitment to annually update its billing review, adjusting prices in each market for each country’s inflation.

What do you think of Valve’s decision to change Steam’s recommended pricing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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