Steam is getting beta support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Controls can be used in pairs or as single units

Valve announced last Thursday (4) that The latest Steam beta version has increased the platform’s native support for different types of controllers. It became after the update Switch Joy-Cons can be used as one of the options automatically detected by the software.

According to the company, Nintendo’s hybrid platform is in control Can be used in both pairsEmulation of all traditional gamepad buttons as in form individual units. In the official patch notes, the company also announced that it has improved official support for classic controllers connected to the Nintendo Switch Online system.

The news is quite positive for Nintendo fans who had to wait It’s been a while since you’ve been able to use the Joy-Cons on Steam without using a special program. To compare the time it took Valve to add support for them, just remember that the platform already Officially able to work with Switch Pro Controller standards from 2018.

Steam continues to bet on improvement

As Valve clarified, support for the Joy-Cons is still there in beta phase, which means some performance issues may be noticed by users. The company’s intention is Make sure the controls work for the majority of your users Before an update is released to your main software branch.

In late July, Steam officially began supporting the special controllers that Nintendo sells as part of its system. Nintendo Switch Online. in formats that mimic gamepads NES, SNES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and mega driveThe accessories are very successful abroad and, currently, their sales are limited to the company’s official website.

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Valve announced this last week Going to reformulate the visual part of the store to make it cleaner. To that end, he instituted a new policy that prohibits developers from highlighting ratings and awards on their product covers, a solution he believes will help communicate with players.


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