Steam is finally coming to the Snap Store, though it is still in beta

For those who have been waiting for this for a long time, Canonical has just introduced it to the Steam Snap Store. At this time, it is still in beta, but this is already a step towards converting Steam games to Snap format. A stable version should be released soon.


Steam is officially available at the Snap Store. So anyone can install the app and test it (even if it is currently in beta). During the Linux App Summit (LAS) held this weekend in Rovereto, Canonical reaffirmed that it is “doing everything possible” to improve the state of gaming on Ubuntu.

As part of this effort to improve games on the operating system, the company aims to simplify and solve users’ problems when creating a gaming station. Soon, all users’ problems can be fixed.

Steam is coming to the Snap Store

The app is packaged by Canonical. This is further evidence that Canonical relies heavily on snap, as the company confirmed in a recent interview with Mark Shuttleworth (Via: lffl).

Ken Vandain of Canonical wanted to point out that there could be bugs and flaws in terms of functionality or performance, which is perfectly normal since it is still in beta. He also added that his team will do its best to resolve the issues as soon as they receive the messages.

In addition, VanDine also specified that the Steam beta should work with all native Linux games and Proton v5.13 (or lower). As already mentioned, a stable version should be released soon.

Hopefully this beta version will not bring too many problems. However, as it turns out, allow correction quickly to give users the best experience, even in this beta version.

Want to try Steam Snap format?

Just open the terminal and run the following command:

sudo snap install steam --beta

After installation, open the application and log in. Then you just have to try to download the game from your library to play. You have a world of possibilities and you will definitely make the best choice to ensure your enjoyment.

Canonical has also revealed that it is hiring an entire team dedicated to improving the gaming experience on Ubuntu. Soon we will definitely have more information about that. We expect the gaming experience to really improve on Ubuntu and based on Canonical actions, this will happen soon.

Via: lffl

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