Steam is announcing an event with fighting game promotions for September

I only play where the beat is the emphasis

Steam’s next big promotional event will be held in St September, from 19 to 26and will focus Nasty games. called “Banking Festival”The event will feature hack and slash titles, fighting and any other type of game where “melee combat” is the focus.

While the Steam page release is an invitation for developers to showcase their games, it gives us a taste of what we’ll have on sale when the event kicks off. Apart from cheap games, Pankadaria festival will also bring Demos and announcements of upcoming releases.

“The Steam Brawling Festival celebrates hack-and-slash games, spectacular brawls and more, with discounts and demos of all kinds of melee games on Steam, released or not,” the rules page describes for participants.

In order for a game to be able to enter an event and sell it cheaper, it must meet certain requirements related to the theme of the event.

Participation requirements

  • Character driven action
  • Spectacular fight
  • broke and cut
  • Musu

The above requirements are the most important, and below you can see what other elements and features participating games may have:

– Continues after commercial –

  • RPG elements
  • Third person game
  • fast fight
  • Use of swords, firearms, etc.
  • Tracking the sequence of hits or visualizing the damage done
  • Character skill/weapon customization
  • Points/Rating System

The rules also state that Action RPG, Soul-like, Arena battles, among others, which usually rely on beating, can be skipped if it is not a major element. That is, it’s not just the characterization by genre that guarantees that a game is allowed.

Steam says that a participating game doesn’t necessarily need to be discounted in order to participate, “although the event page mainly highlights discounted games.” The event will also have a section for game demos and upcoming releases, all within the themes offered.

Even if it still takes almost two months, it’s already a good idea to prepare your wallet if you enjoy a good fighting game.


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