Steam Deck: YouTubers create a powerful “last version” of the portable.

started earlier this year steam deck arrived, shaking up the gaming world, introducing a small machine almost as powerful as a computer. Its specs might not be the best, but hey, it’s not like you can carry a computer, right?

And since, while pretty powerful, Valve’s laptop still has aspects that could be a little better – something the moderators point out here and there – this time the channel folks Linus’ tech tips Also took action and implemented several Improvements. Among the improvements, the console has gained more battery life, new longer and much more precise directional levers, as well as a significant increase in its storage space.

Below you can watch the full video in English (but you can activate the subtitles in Portuguese with automatic translation) and follow the process The transformation of the steam deck into its “final” form:

Changes by the Linus Tech Tips team Added a lot of storage space On the Steam Deck, a total of 3TB is reached by using the experimental 2TB SSD combined with a 1TB memory card. Another big change was in direction: traditional levers based on left potentiometers and others that use Magnetic technologyProvides greater accuracy with much less wear.

As you can see in the video, some of the improvements were quite expensive: the notebook finally got it The rear heater is so big that it was necessary to cut a hole in the plastic case. The addition of an external fan also helped complete the clean look of the console, which had already begun to lose its “portable” aspect. The final touch was a The external battery left the video game with a total weight of 1.1 kg (Something incredible when it comes to a device that is intended to be used anytime, anywhere).

However, the end result is guaranteed A very satisfying performance for a Steam Deck, which began to heat much less without activating the fans. As a result, experience It will significantly improve the game experienceWhich makes the gameplay very fluid, much more durable and incredibly quiet.

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