Steam Deck will cost expensive replacement parts

iFixit started selling laptop components ahead of time

Although it was designed to emulate the behavior of a laptop, In practice, the Steam Deck has components that are very close to the components of a traditional console. So before Valve allows players to purchase and install spare parts themselves, It does not have to be cheap In the pockets of consumers.

One of the official dealers of the company, iFixit has instantly launched its UK store selling chargers, buttons and screens along with other parts of the laptop.. Although it has already deleted the pages, the company said it will fulfill the already placed orders and the screenshots revealed the official prices for each component.

To change Steam Deck 512 GB model screenFor example, investment will be required $ 99While an analog button pair comes out $ 19.99. The cooling fan itself is worth it $ 24.99And you can buy a laptop motherboard (without SSD) $ 349.99.

The launch should happen soon

On his official Twitter account, iFixit said the start of sales on its official website happened by accident. “Earlier today we posted a few pages related to our upcoming Valve releases. They went live before we planned, so we ended their withdrawal. If you make a request, we will fulfill it.“, They promised the company.

iFixit also said it would soon start offering replacement components, but did not release a date for that. However, the fact that they are already in the company’s system means that A formal announcement – including a list of other resellers – is expected in the coming weeks..

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It is still unclear whether Valve will simply sell replacement parts for the Steam Deck if it works with other types of portable playback systems. Selling product components also opens up the possibility of using them to build other devices. Which shares the power of your hardware but comes in a variety of formats.


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