Steam Deck surpasses the 5,000 compatible games mark

The number corresponds to almost 10% of games sold in Valve’s store

Valve revealed this Wednesday (31) that it has a Steam Deck verification program More than 5 thousand games compatible with the portable device have been registered. of these, 2134 earned the Verified badgebut 2,871 were significant playss — While significant, the number corresponds to only about 10% of the titles in Valve’s store.

Among the latest additions to the catalog of certified console performance games Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Apex Legends. To earn the ring, analyzed games must pass four analysis criteria: control, display, Ease of use and System support.

In cases where some of these requirements are met, but others are not, Valve assigns them a game rating. in other words, Steam Deck can play them without much headacheBut the user will probably have to make some adjustments to ensure the best performance.

Valve will strengthen Steam Deck verification

Although Valve is far from verifying this Over 100,000 games are available on Steam (a number that is growing rapidly every day), he says he will not give up on his mission. By streamlining Deck’s manufacturing and distribution processes, the company promises this will continue to make life easier for users So they know what works well on the device.

However, it is not yet predictable when the company will get closer to this goal, nor what the company’s focus will be in this regard. In general, the games that don’t get the Seal of Functionality are those games has certain characteristics dependent on virtual reality or that use anti-cheat systems not supported by the device.

In addition to continuing to invest in verifying games for Steam Deck, The company recently confirmed that it is already planning future hardware and innovations for its SteamOS. According to Valve, its goal is to understand how users play and their usage preferences in order to create even more powerful products with more freedom of configuration.

Does Spider-Man Remastered play well on Steam Deck?  See comparison with PS4 and PS5

Does Spider-Man Remastered play well on Steam Deck? See comparison with PS4 and PS5
Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC and Steam Deck on August 12, 2022


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