Steam Deck reaches 3000 confirmed game mark

At least 500 games were tested for their compatibility by Valve in May

Officially launched in February this year, The portable Steam Deck gets a growing number of certified games for it. Earlier this week, GamingOnLinux noted that it currently exists More than 3 thousand titles That their good functioning has been proven on the platform.

As the website notes, At least 500 of the listed games received a confirmation stamp during the month of May alone. It seems that Valve’s process does not follow a logical order or respect the titles that have the most impact, and it still operates in only a small fraction of the games in the world. Steam – Estimates indicate that The platform has more than 60 thousand titles in the catalogA number that is growing rapidly on a daily basis.

Some of the latest titles that have received verification for glove include names like Serious Sam4, ᲛHe has, Thunderstorm, Beyond the steel sky And Among the stars. The notebook rating system uses three different seals: approvedWhen the game is fully operational, PlayableWhich indicates titles that may have some restrictions and Not supportedAdded games that do not work properly on a laptop.

The number should continue to grow

The expectation is that games will increase compatibility Steam deck Will be verified by Valve in the coming months. In addition to continuing gaming compatibility testing with the device, The company continues to invest in new features for itJust released a Windows compatible audio driver.

One of the sites that made it Monitoring the growth of the notebook catalog And SteamDBWhich forms its information from a public database Steam. It is possible to activate filters that show from games that are fully compatible with the platform, on those that, for whatever reason, do not work on it. A list that typically includes virtual reality games Or who use security solutions and checks.

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With the rise of the compatible catalog, The big problem with the Steam Deck at the moment seems to be getting a new unit At a much higher price than what is sold by Valve – which still ships orders during the pre-sale period. a little while ago, The company started selling device replacement parts through partners such as iFixtWhich are accompanied by a somewhat salty price.


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Source: PC Gamer


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