Starfield will have a silent hero, confirms Bethesda

The new RPG will renew some of the old traditions of the developer

Bethesda’s next big project, Starfield needs to renew the company’s old tradition Which remained in his recent projects: Silent hero. The developer confirmed this Monday (13) that before the protagonist has a choice of several dialogues, We will not hear him say any of them.

The decision should mainly surprise the fans Drop 4, Which received a more cinematic system compared to the developer’s other games. In it not only the main character has the whole associated sound work, but also A third person camera is turned on at the beginning of the dialogue.

Starfield should also put this item aside and return to the Bethesda offering tradition Long dialogues seen in the first person. In previous presentations the developer has expressed a desire Go back to some of your rootsA decision that should lead to the presence of deeper RPG elements in the game.

Starfield promises a giant universe

With the promised release in 2023, Starfield More details about his big world were revealed during the joint presentation Xbox Together BethesdaHeld last week (12). According to the developer, The game will have a giant world in which more than 1 thousand planets can be explored.

However, so far the company has not explained in what ways these sites were built or what the diversity of their purpose will be. In the game, The player will take on the role of a space miner associated with a constellationOne of the last group of researchers to remain in the universe in which space travel has become commonplace.

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This is confirmed by Bethesda Starfield will be the most ambitious game in all of historyBringing together all the lessons learned in the past and bringing a lot of new things into the process. The game is promised The first half of 2023 Proven versions for Xbox Series X | S and PCEligible for 1 day release in Game Pass catalog.


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