Starfield may have exclusive features for Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs

Bethesda’s new RPG should benefit from features like DLSS 3.0 at launch

Bethesda’s next great RPG, Starfield might offer some exclusive features in its PC version for those with a GeForce RTX GPU. According to details gleaned from graphics programmer Germain Mazac’s profile, the new game will have native integration with some of the technologies associated with NVIDIA’s product line.

Although details about the features were not explained, The prospect is that this will lead to the use of NVIDIA DLSS 3.0 as a means of scaling offered to the players. Additionally, lighting features and ambient occlusion via Ray Tracing (among other visuals) should be optimized to work with the RTX lineup.

More details are expected to be revealed soon as Starfield gets closer to its new launch target. in your ad, The game was revealed on November 11 of this yearBut Bethesda decided to postpone it until the first half of 2023 as a way to guarantee a higher quality of the final result.

Starfield is still full of mystery

While integration with RTX is guaranteed for Starfield, That doesn’t necessarily mean that the RPG shouldn’t have the resources for those with other GPUs. Bethesda has taken a very inclusive stance with its recent titles for PC, and there’s a good chance the game will support solutions like AMD FSR 2.1 and Intel XeSS.

Likewise, ray tracing capabilities must also work with other hardware compatible with the technology. The developer promises this The game will be the biggest project in its historyBoth in ambition and scope – the promise is that hundreds of planets will be available for the player to visit.

According to former Bethesda employee Nate Pourcapile, More than 500 people are dedicated to the development of Starfield – Almost 300 more developers than those who created it Fall 76. The title doesn’t have a release date yet, but it Day 1 release on Game Pass Already confirmed for both Pracha by how much Xbox Series X|S.

The modding community organizes Starfield bug fixes even before the game is released

The modding community organizes Starfield bug fixes even before the game is released
Bethesda’s fame predicts many that the game will be full of problems


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