Starfield: Development is almost complete, Bethesda is “Puting the Finishing Touch On,” Says Todd Howard

In the words of Todd HowardGame director and CEO at Bethesda Game Studios, working Starfield is in the final stagesWith developers The final touch Before the game.

“We are making the final touches on Starfield,” Howard told GamesRadar, adding that the game was an “incredible opportunity” for Bethesda.

“Players can experience what we create and we can deliver it to more people around the world and in many different ways than we have done so far.”

Howard added that the studio is excited to “be able to do that Definitely use Xbox Series S and XBesides knowing that anyone who wants to play Starfield can do it Computer, or xCloud, Or any other screen facing them. ”

“Our ability to move people, to place them in new worlds, where they can live with experiences that, the moment you are inside them, makes them feel who they really are and the emotions they feel. We’ve seen this with our other franchises like Head windings, Skyrim And Knocked down. We are working closely with Xbox to build it now Starfield Best Experience. ”

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer says Starfield is being touted as a “trademark” for the ZeniMax Media acquisition, which ended in March 2021 and brings in teams from Bethesda, Arkane, id Software and MachineGames on the Xbox. In Game Studios.

Starfield is a unique opportunity for me. Todd Howard is a longtime friend and the fact that Bethesda Game Studios is working on a new IP, which has not happened for a long time … is a hallmark of us in terms of acquiring ZeniMax, Todd and collaborating. “Put this game on the market,” Spencer said.

“A lot of people have seen this game, people will see more and I love our goal: we have more players for this game than in any other game.”

Originally scheduled for November 11, 2022, last month Bethesda announced it had decided to leave Starfield, as well as Redfall. The first half of 2023To give developers time to refine two games and reach a predetermined quality level.

It seems that Howard’s words confirm the information leaked to the Microsoft Store a few hours ago, according to which Starfield will be released on Xbox Series X | S and PC. In early 2023. We will probably hear the truth at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, which runs on Sunday, June 12, at 2 p.m.


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