Star Wars Eclipse will focus on a political and military narrative with a female protagonist [RUMOR]

Politics and empires have always been part of the George Lucas series

Announced at last year’s The Game Awards, Star Wars Eclipse Hardly any details were revealed. The game is developed by Quantic Dream, responsible for Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. According to new information from the Sacred Symbols podcast, a new humanoid race will be introduced and will have a political narrative. (via VGC).

Hosted by Colin Moriarty, the show is often the scene of rumors and leaks. This time, documents that the podcast had access to reveal the characters, their motivations, and the overall story of Star Wars Eclipse. According to Moriarty, the script is being written by David Cage and Adam Williams, names that are part of Quantic Dream’s other titles.

Star Wars Eclipse is supposed to reflect politics, empire, and alliances

“The material seen in this podcast describes the so-called Project S, in which the main character is Sarah. Sarah is described as an athlete (human) in her 30s and a member of a human-like race. The race is at the head of an empire of sorts called The Zaraan, a race, which has yet to be seen in Star Wars,” the podcast host wrote.

He goes on to say that the narrative of Star Wars Eclipse revolves around politics and military disputes. This empire is “proud of its military and political aggression.” “And just like you’ll see in Star Wars, there’s little difference between men and women when it comes to roles and responsibilities.”

“But there’s something interesting about when Zaraan gets married, their marriage has an interesting military effect, becoming a unit of government that works together,” Moriarty describes. “This is a problem because Sarah, a fanatical believer in the violence and crime that her empire regularly exhibits, is married to a character called Xendo, who is much more reserved. Part of the game seems to involve these two characters and their relationship,” he explains. Sacred Host of the Symbols podcast.

This information shows Quantic Dream’s creation style, which works on its games with many narrative details that are always well-researched, focusing on choices and their consequences.

Other Star Wars Eclipse rumors point to a 2028 release date, and that’s due to a toxic environment that could drive talent away from the studio, the report said.

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