Star Wars Battlefront III was real for the PSP and has at least one copy

Star Wars Battlefront III was real for the PSP and has at least one copy

The trial version of the game withstood cancellations and timeouts

Long before it passed into the hands of DICE, The original Star Wars Battlefront series became one of the biggest hits in the history of Pandemic Studios. The popularity of the game was such that a A third chapter has even been created for the PSPCanceled when it was already in the testing phase.

Although little was known about the project at the time, reports indicate that several test copies of Star Wars: Battlefront III have already been produced and distributed – And at least one of them is in the hands of the fan. On Reddit, a user identified as MissFeepit claims that his fiancée has a The UMD disc contains the working version of the title if it is unfinished.

According to the user, one of the relatives of his fiancée worked for a company that LucasArts had one of the clients. In it, he collaborated as one of the testers of Battlefront III and eventually forgot to send a copy of the game to the developer when he decided to cancel the game. After years, He rediscovered the only working copy of the title in his collection..

The owner of the disk did not know its value

MissFeepit said on Reddit that she was shocked by the reaction of other users, not knowing the meaning of the game she had access to. He said Star Wars Battlefront III is in fairly advanced condition for the PSP And all available game modes work well!

As some comments point out, The game found may not be completely unpublished and could be released as Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron in 2009. Developed by Rebelion Developments, the game might have used the Battlefront III name during its testing period before making the decision to use it as a sequel to the series.

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Before the user can share a few screenshots of the game in the UMD drive pose, It is unclear what he intends to do with the test copy. Many Reddit users request a disk Has become digitized and accessible to the emulation communityBut others warn that this could draw the unwanted attention of Disney, which currently owns the rights to the Star Wars series.


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Source: Dual Shockers, Reddit


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