Splatoon 3 isn’t even out and it’s already banning players

People who have applied an unauthorized patch to the game may lose access to online systems entirely.

but Platoon 3 Officially coming to Nintendo Switch on September 9th, The game has already banned several players and consoles, who are prohibited from accessing online systems offered by Nintendo. Last weekend’s proposed test stage file change, The players got early access to the training ground which should be present in the final version.

For this, interested players were needed Apply an unauthorized patch to a game, which is responsible for bans. Anyone caught accessing unauthorized areas has had theirs Banned online profile and may no longer be able to use your console to access Nintendo Switch online systems in the future.

Discovered what’s going on by data creator OatmealDome, who confirmed it Splatoon 3 has a complete anti-cheat system. “I won’t go into too much detail about how it works, as anti-cheats rely on the security offered by Obscure.” he explained on Twitter.

Splatoon 2 already had cheat protection

Also on Twitter, dataminer commented on this It was strange that Splatoon 3 players were using and distributing the patch Unofficial without much concern. “Considering that Splatoon 2 was also able to detect these patches, this is not surprising. I don’t know why people thought it was okay to try it“, he wrote.

The new game promises to offer a continuation of the classic features of the series New scenarios and weapon sets for PvP battles. What makes the title different from other shooting experiences is the fact that its The main goal is to draw a scenarioAnd not exactly defeating enemy units as many times as possible.

In addition to expanding your competitive modes, Platoon 3 It promises a new single-player campaign and an expanded experience for your Salmon Run. Known as a sort of “horde mode”, it challenges players to work together to defeat growing hordes of enemies within a set time limit.

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Nintendo Switch: The console will receive a special edition of Splatoon 3 in August
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