Speedrunner plays Cuphead while going up and down a mountain

Difficulties on the road, fatigue and admiring the scenery were some of the challenges

When it comes to challenges in games, we have plenty of examples of craziness that range from completing the game blindfolded, using unusual moves, playing on the dance mat, in short, the list goes on. But this American raised the bar: Speedrunning Cuphead while climbing Mt. Speedner EazySpeezy He didn’t climb any mountains, but, yes, The largest in the state of Vermont.

As if the grueling (yet still fun) difficulty of Cuphead, which won its first DLC a few days ago, wasn’t enough, climbing mountains isn’t a very common practice among gamers, we know that (say no to sitting). In the case of this rapid, it was his first time climbing Mt.

EazySpeezy wasn’t alone as we can see in the video and he needed some help because carrying a notebook and climbing a mountain alone shouldn’t be easy. Cuphead is also available for the Nintendo Switch, but Speedrunner, who is also a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, preferred to have his friend carry his laptop in his backpack while he watched the screen while he went after the game.

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The runner did not select any mountain in the US state of Vermont. Mount Mansfield is over 1,300 meters above sea level. EazySpeezy had to climb 850 meters to reach the top because that was the height of the mountain where he was from.

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from a few minutes to several hours

A Cuphead Speedrun is usually a maximum of 30 minutes, depending on the category chosen. In this unusual case, the challenge was to complete the climbs and descents of Cuphead Mountain, and it took EazySpeezy many hours because some parts were not walkable or playable. Also, he stopped for a few seconds to rest. That is, it was not an up and down game at all.

In 6 hours and 20 minutes, the speedrunner and his team are at the bottom of the hill, and he is able to continue running inside the car and finish at the hotel because his laptop battery died on the way. After just 8 hours, EazySpeezy completed his journey. It’s not a record, not by a long shot, but it’s entered the history of challenges.


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