Sony will reveal Inscryption, Sea Of Stars and other indies on PlayStation

The PlayStation Twitter account has released a small batch of announcements highlighting upcoming indie games for PlayStation. While Cult of the Lamb’s imminent August 11th release has already been confirmed, some notable reveals and updates should keep indie PlayStation fans happy for the foreseeable future and beyond. Here’s a quick overview of the games on PS5 and PS4.


One of the best and most surprising games of 2021 is coming to consoles for the first time. The PS5/PS4 version of the horror deck maker has unique features such as talking Stoat card audio coming from the controller’s speaker, support for haptic feedback, and ambient lighting that, according to creator Daniel Mullens, “oils out of your control.” We don’t know what that means, but Inscryption shouldn’t be missed by those who couldn’t play it on PC last year. Unfortunately, the PS version doesn’t have a release window, but we expect it to be released later this year.

Sea of ​​stars

The subversive homage to classic JRPGs was recently pushed back to 2023, but now we know it’s heading to PlayStation consoles in addition to PC. Sea of ​​Stars is a prequel to Sabotage’s previous title, The Messenger, in which two heroes battle an alchemist using the power of the sun and moon. In a PlayStation Blog post, the team revealed details about the game’s turn-based combat, such as timed strikes, combo moves, and party member swapping.

Tomorrow’s Children: Phoenix Edition

Q-Games announced plans to revive its canceled multiplayer game The Tomorrow Children last November. This return, called Phoenix Editon, is coming to PS5 and PS4 on September 6th. A dystopian war on the theme of the Soviet Union. The Phoenix Edition adds more islands, a grappling hook to quickly climb structures, offline single-player mode, and many other additions, which you can read about on the PlayStation Blog.


Schim surprised us when we played it during the Summer Game Fest Play Days, and Sony’s announcement of its launch on PlayStation also confirmed a 2023 release window. The unique puzzle-platformer tasks players with navigating the shadows as a strange frog-like creature. Exploring the Dutch-inspired city requires careful planning as you jump from the shadow of a lamp or a trash can to lead a jogger or cyclist to new places. Backed by delightful art direction, we look forward to checking it out on PlayStation consoles and other platforms.

Cursed in golf

This silly rogue-like side-scroller combines the game of golf with the supernatural as you control a golfer trying to escape purgatory. This mix of genres looks amazing and we finally know that the game will be released on August 18th. You can watch us play Cursed to Golf in this episode of New Gameplay Today.


Scheduled for PlayStation 4 and other platforms on October 27th, Signalis returns to early 90s 3D graphics for a retro-inspired survival horror adventure. Players control an engineer whose spaceship has crashed on an icy planet. Your only crewmate is missing, and finding him requires exploring an evil government facility and confronting terrifying creatures. If you like sci-fi horror with a dash of space horror, Signalis should be on your radar.

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