Sony wants to know if you’ll buy a PlayStation-branded NFT

The study takes place at EVO 2022

Games and NFTs do not mix, and this is already clear. But some companies still insist, even those who said they would not interfere. PlayStation, one such company, produces a A survey of EVO 2022 participantswhat is already happening It asks what kind of NFT they want to buy.

Twitter user so-called @snorlaxownz A Twitter poll he received. When asked “What do you collect most?”, followed by the following description: “Which of the following NFTs/digital collectibles are you most interested in?”.

The survey provides the following answer options: “Branded by EVO,” “Favorite Music Artists,” Favorite Esports Players/Teams,” “PlayStation Elements” and “Favorite Gaming Characters.” PlayStation as seen in the image.

It won’t be new to say that the responses to this tweet are almost unanimously negative. As a Twitter user himself show hereSony, which now owns the EVO, has a mini-event called the “PlayStation 2022 Quest” that rewards anyone willing to check out by reading a QR code with an exclusive t-shirt.

Sony has assured that it will not sell NFT

Last month, Sony announced PlayStation Star, a rewards program that promises “digital collectibles” that represent everything from character figurines to iconic devices from the franchise’s history. Reception was not positive as many believed they were NFTs.

Soon after, the company’s vice president of advertising, Gren Chen, said, “They’re not really NFTs. Not really.” “You can’t trade them or sell them. They don’t use blockchain technology and they certainly don’t use NFTs,” he told the Washington Post.

“We really feel like it’s the best time to start this type of program in terms of having the healthiest player base. PlayStation 5 is obviously a huge success and we wanted to do something that honored the history. PlayStation and now is the best time to do it,” Chen said at the time.


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