Sony sued for £5bn over PlayStation Store anti-competitive practices

The lawsuit alleges that the company used its market position to overcharge consumers.

A lawsuit filed against Sony in the UK is asking £5 billion to pay for anti-competitive practices which will be hosted by the PlayStation Store. Former director of Who UK, the unit that helps consumers make informed purchases of new goods, Alex Neill was in charge. The case was filed in the Competition Appeal Court last week.

According to Neil, there is a Japanese company Abusing their market power to impose unfair terms on developers Who wants to offer games in their store. By taking a 30% share of all products sold, Sony is pushing creators Increase the amount charged for your gameswhich directly harms consumers.

The lawsuit states that Sony may be required to Financial compensation to anyone who made a purchase on PSN since August 19, 2016. As a result, up to 9 million people could be affected, resulting in a staggering £5 billion in fines.

Sony is the only target in the lawsuit

It is interesting that the process was opened by Neil Excludes companies like Apple, Microsoft and Valve, whose stores typically pay the same 30% share. In a statement, the former director of Who UK said that “Sony PlayStation’s time has come” and that his actions aim to Representing millions of people in the UK who were forced to pay unwanted amounts.

Games are now the UK’s biggest entertainment industry, ahead of TV, video and music, and many vulnerable people depend on them for community and connection. Sony’s stock is costing millions of people who can’t afford it, especially when we’re in the midst of a household spending crisis and consumers’ wallets are tighter than ever.“, Neal said.

Sony didn't pay to remove Culf of the Lamb from Game Pass, Devolver Digital claims

Sony didn’t pay to remove Culf of the Lamb from Game Pass, Devolver Digital claims
The company was accused of taking money for not bringing the game to the subscription system

Along with the lawsuit, he set up the PlayStation You Owe Us website, which aims to gather evidence against the company and put public pressure on it. This is confirmed by lawyers consulted by Eurogamer Many elements testify against the actionBut European authorities have shown increasing interest in pricing practices in digital stores, creating an environment in which action could be taken. Used as a basis for re-examining the policies of Sony and other companies in this segment.


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