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THE Sony Responds to numerous lawsuits from gamers who want to regain access to the banned PS5s. In the first week of May this year, the Japanese giant was obliged, in the second case, not only Unlock the consoleas well as Compensation for moral damages The author of the process. Prior to the ruling, the judge in charge of the case held that the ban on video games was “not illegal”.

PlayStation 5 (Photo: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

This particular lawsuit was filed in late 2020 in the Minas Gerais State Court of Justice (TJMG). At the time, the video game owner wanted to reactivate the PlayStation Network and PS5 profiles – both of which were banned due to alleged game sharing. PS Plus Collection. In its regulation, Sony prohibits people from downloading titles offered by the service on other consoles.

In November 2021, because there was no clear information about the move from the block, the court ruled that the ban violated the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) and ordered Sony to reactivate the PS5. Judge Mauro Francisco Pitelli of the TJMG, however, The full reason was not named The author of the process.

Pittel realized that the player knew the rules of the company. “Do not read properly if you do not believe the consequences of the abuse, that is another matter,” the judge said in the ruling. Also, the owner of the banned PS5 Do not deny Share PS Plus Collection games with others.

For these reasons, Pitelli has just ordered Sony to re-activate the console and pay for the new PS5. Denied compensation of 10 thousand R $ To compensate for the moral damages claimed by the plaintiff. Unsatisfied with the referee’s verdict, the player appealed to the second instance for compensation.

The player says the ban hindered his work

In the appeal, the author stated that he did not know the reason for the ban. In addition, the player claimed that blocking the console for almost a year harmed his profession because the video game was used for work. According to TJMG judges, Sony could not approve the sharing of the PS Plus Collection account or games.

Sony has been ordered to pay non-pecuniary damages for providing evidence necessary to justify a player ban and block the PS5. BRL 3 thousand. It should be remembered that the company has already activated the player PS5 and paid the cost of the new console – about 4.6 thousand R $ – found in the national retail trade.

Judges Fabiano Rubinger de Queiroz, Rui de Almeida Magalhães and Marcos Lincoln, from TJMG, also demanded that the Japanese giant pay the costs of the process. According to the initial decision of Judge Mauro Francisco Pitelli, the costs would be shared between Sony and the plaintiff.

In TJMG, the process was conducted in the first instance under number 5027508-48.2020.8.13.0145. In the second case, the action can be found by number 1.0000.20.604490-1 / 002.

Other PS5 cases have been re-activated by Justice

This is neither the first nor the last PS5 to be banned for violating the terms of use. Here, Technoblog We have already reported other cases where a court has ordered Sony to unlock consoles and pay compensation to players, even after the company appealed the decisions.

Trials typically have similar consequences as the company finds it difficult to approve PS Plus Collection game sharing. According to the CDC, Sony must clearly state the reasons for the ban if it does not want to sue.

The Japanese giant also has the ability to complicate sharing games. It is now easy to create a secondary account on the console and download the titles purchased through the main profile. However, it seems that changing this is not included in Sony’s plans yet.

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