Sony says it is preparing for a meta version

Sony, the founder of PlayStation, comments that it is well-structured to play its leading role in a meta-version, a virtual reality submerged in a conglomeration of worlds that, in the eyes of analysts, has changed the way industries operate.

Metavers is both a social space and a live network space where games, music, movies and anime intersect.“, – said today (18), Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, spoke about the use of Epic Games game Fortnite as an online social space.

Sony’s music, movie and gaming units accounted for two-thirds of the Japanese giant’s operating income in March, showing the group’s transformation from an electronics maker to a ready-to-play entertainment company.

On the other hand, analysts say the rise of cross-platform and cloud-based subtitles has the potential to reduce the impact of platforms like Sony’s PlayStation.

The Japanese conglomerate is improving its approach, giving Fortnite freedom for cross-platform gaming in 2018 and leaving an even more enjoyable atmosphere, Epic Games said, citing its domestic currency, the V-Bucks, which it typically buys on the Playstation. , Can be used on other platforms.

The console of the company Yoshida is one of the most famous in the world, in addition to having attractive games for fans. (Reproduction / ISTOÉ MONEY)

The PlayStation has played a major role in the social revolution of gaming, promoting metaversion as a new means of entertainment. This was announced by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney on Twitter.

Sony has also taken steps to expand its focus beyond single-player titles, announcing in January a deal to buy Bungie, the creator of the multiplayer online shooter Destiny.

Sony is already licensing content on other platforms, benefiting from the cost of using its content for streaming, such as Seinfeld, a well-known American comedy. On the other hand, even though it owns Crunchyroll’s streaming service, the company has not gone too far in operating video platforms against its competitors, including Disney.

In addition to the meta version, Yoshida also defended Sony’s claim to mobility by developing an electric vehicle with Honda.

Featured photo: Recently, Sony is competing for the console market leadership with the release of the PlayStation 5, a heavyweight console. (Reproduction / TechBlog)


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