Sony says it can’t play the game at the level of “Call of Duty” and doesn’t agree with Activision’s acquisition.

Call of Duty has no competitors, Playstation exclusives don’t even come close in terms of sales, and Sony thinks it can’t do anything. That’s basically the concept that Sony expressed when it was called to brief the commission Brazilian Competition law on Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

First, understand that administrative processes in Brazil are more transparent to the population than in other countries. So, get ready for a lot of news about the Activision Blizzard acquisition process, because we basically have all the giants’ thesis about it now. Sony hit hard!

As we know, the European antitrust has also summoned Sony regarding the acquisition of Activision, and we imagine that the Japanese house also expressed the same negative opinion, explaining that There is no other development team Currently able to create an experience that can compete with Call of Duty.

Specifically, Sony spokespeople told the committee: “No other developer can devote the same level of resources and experience to game development, and even if they could, Call of Duty is so firmly established that no competitor—however relevant— Never get over it.”

Call of Duty has been the best-selling game almost every year for the past decade, and it’s the best-selling game of its genre. This is practically Synonymous with first-person shooter and essentially defines the category of this product. “

In short, Sony is asking a very clear question in its negative statement about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision: owning the Call of Duty franchise will change the landscape. Creating a kind of monopoly of a large share A market that is conquered every year by a famous shooter.

At this point, it remains to be seen how the various committees will understand the issue and whether Microsoft will be in a position to waive Call of Duty exclusivity to get the green light for a major operation.

Other companies have weighed in on the matter and we’ll cover it in other articles, stay tuned as it looks like a big battle is coming between Microsoft and Sony. Although it sounds like a compliment, a Japanese woman wants to force the Xbox to be made with her thesis shooter Multiplatform.


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