Sony may release the PS5 Slim in the second half of 2023 [RUMOR]

The new version of the device should consume less energy and reduce production costs

After releasing some updates to the PlayStation 5 by reducing the size of the cooling system – and, more recently, its chip -, Sony may already be preparing the expected “slim version” of the console.. According to information obtained by the website The Leak, the new version of the product could be released in the stores from the third fiscal quarter of 2023.

To reduce product size, The Japanese company will bet on solutions to reduce the dimensions of its matrix. However, it could have opted for a more compact package that didn’t compromise on things like thermal performance – an area that greatly affected the large space occupied by the original model.

This is also confirmed by the sources of the leak The Slim version of the PlayStation 5 should use a lower voltage, which will also affect your heating. To add to this, the manufacturer should rethink the cooling system and take a few grams off the weight of the console.

PlayStation 5 will not use supports

The site also claims that by reducing the size of the console, Sony is also reviewing some of its design elements. Although the current version relies on a stand that can be used in any position, this will no longer be necessary when the new model is placed in a horizontal orientation.

By reducing the size of the PlayStation 5, The Japanese manufacturer will benefit from lower production costs. Additionally, the compact size would help it fit more units into each container, optimizing its shipping processes – something similar to what Nintendo achieved by reducing the size of the Nintendo Switch box.

The information obtained by The Leak did not say whether the reduction applies to console Bets on the removable disk reader version, which has been the subject of recent rumors. Since the PS5 hit stores, it has gone through two hardware revisions, the most recent of which introduced the use of the new Oberon Plus chip with 6nm lithography.

Sony is planning a new version of the PS5 for 2023 with a removable drive [RUMOR]

Sony is planning a new version of the PS5 for 2023 with a removable drive [RUMOR]
The aesthetics of the new PlayStation 5 will not be affected by the disc attached to it.


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