Sony is cutting costs to improve PS Plus plans and promises a refund

Sony said it had made a “technical error” in calculating the conversion price PlayStation Plus For extra, deluxe or premium. According to the company, the failure occurred More expensive tax than expected, Mainly affects users who have accumulated many months of service on their account. Players who have overpaid to sign up will receive a refund Remuneration.

PlayStation Plus (Image: Handout / Sony)

New PS Plus plans debuted Asia, Last Monday (23). On the same day, Asian players started complaining about the price set to improve the subscription level. Sony reportedly paid an additional fee Offset discounts In the past he paid a monthly fee.

This estimated tax was particularly detrimental to people who took advantage of the promotions and accumulated several months of service on their account. There were rumors on social media about people who had signed up for PS Plus by 2026 and would have to pay quite high sums to contract new plans.

Now, for free, players can upgrade their PS Plus Essential subscriptions to Extra, Deluxe or Premium at the right price. However, Sony still requires it The entire remaining period Service Conversion – That is, if you have a four-year monthly payment, all this time will be taken into account when calculating the cost of the conversion.

At the moment, new PlayStation Plus plans are only available in Asia. In other regions, including Brazil, Extra, Deluxe and Premium levels will be released 13 June. It is not yet possible to calculate the subscription conversion value in real time.

New plans for PS Plus offer hundreds of games

PS Plus Extra, Deluxe and Premium plans warranty Benefits Subscribers, in addition to the traditional monthly free games and the ability to store online games and game progress in the cloud. Those who rent the service will have access to catalogs including hundreds of PlayStation games PS1, PS2 and PSP Classics.

You ps3 games Exclusive to the plan Bonus And its transmission is possible only in the countries it supports PlayStation Now. Since the platform does not work in Brazil, we will only be able to subscribe to extra or deluxe plans.

With info: The Verge.

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