Sony Inzone delivers high quality headphones and monitors to PC and PS5 audiences

The Japanese company wants to expand the range of accessories to serve the entire gaming community.

THE Sony Officially announced this Tuesday (28). Launch Inzone, Your brand new gaming accessories for your computer. The company confirmed in a statement Launch of three models of headphones and two 27-inch monitorsThe details of which were revealed a few days ago by insider Steve Hemmerstorfer, also known as OnLeaks.

According to a Japanese company, Work on the development of the brand has been going on since 2019 And this is the result of the growth of the eSports and video game markets. “We are entering the gaming accessory industry with monitors and headphones at an exciting time as games and eSports have become even more popular in recent years.“- said Kazuo Ki, president of the company’s home entertainment and sound products.

Kee explained this to The Washington Post The new line aims to use Sony’s knowledge and experience to deliver high quality image and audio products.. According to the CEO, the name Inzone was chosen as a way to highlight the moment when players are more immersed in the game and enter the “ideal zone”.

Inzone will bring monitors up to speed with high refresh rates

Inzone’s debut is celebrated Two monitors with 27-inch screens with different settings. First, M9I will have 4K resolutionUpdate frequency 144 Hz And hit stores in North American summer (June through September). $ 899. The device will also support HDR 600 And technologies NVIDIA G-Sync And Complete array of local eclipsesWhich provides better blacks and whites.

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Already a model M3 Will arrive later in 2022 and will have a 1080p display 240 Hz And set value $ 529. The device supports HDR 400 And does not have Full Array Local Dimming technology, but Shares the same look as his stronger brotherWhich is quite compatible with the manufacturer’s latest console console.

This is confirmed by Sony Will continue to focus its efforts on the PlayStation 5, But believes that it has the opportunity to gain space in the computer market. “Because we are monitors and headphones for the gaming segment, we believe we have a chance to achieve that [a concorrência]“- said Kiim.

The headphone line is led by the Inzone H9 modelWhich brings wireless connectivity 2.4 GHz And Bluetooth, 32 hours battery life And digital noise suppression system. As with other headphones from the company, you need to shoot the ears to take full advantage of them 360 Spatial Audio Sound Customizer System Offered by phone $ 299.

Model H7 ($ 229) Maintains a dual connection system and, while losing the noise suppression system, Extends battery life up to 40 hours. Already a headphone H3 ($ 100) Brings simpler settings and lower sound performance, but follows the same style as other options at a more affordable price.

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Accompanied by line running New Inzone Hub softwareAllowing you to adjust settings such as lighting or headphone quality level. Sony believes the line should appeal to different types of playersIncluding those who are already PlayStation fans and those who see PCs as a better alternative to entertainment.

Sony expects to generate $ 300 million from PC games next year

Sony expects to generate $ 300 million from PC games next year
The company promises to bring a more diversified portfolio to the platform


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Source: The Washington Post, Eurogamer Portugal, The Verge


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