Sony has introduced INZONE headphones and monitors; Will be used in EVO

Sony recently announced a dedicated effort to expand its PlayStation PC brand, and a new line of gaming products shows that the focus on PC gaming is not limited to games. This is Sony Inzone, a brand new product that debuted with PC and PS5 gaming headphones and monitors.

While largely focused on PC gamers, the Inzone brand was also created with PS5 users in mind as it utilizes the console’s audio and visual capabilities. Inzone is a brand of Sony, not PlayStation, and is the first in a series of gaming-focused products made by Sony Electronics over a long period of time.

Learn the details below through GameSpot.


Sony Inzone gaming headphones are available in three models: H3 ($ 99), H7 ($ 229) and H9 ($ 299). They have a black and white design that matches their PS5, which is good for those who choose them for console games.

The Inzone H9 competes with other high-end wireless headphones in terms of performance and comfort. It has noise canceling technology as well as 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth connections. The H9 headphones feature Sony’s soft-fitting synthetic leather borrowed from audio giant WH-1000X headphones.

The H7, meanwhile, does not support digital noise cancellation and uses fabric material in headphones instead of soft synthetic leather. All three models are similar in shape, though the wired H3 is slightly smaller and has a different design where the headgear and headphones are joined.

For PS5 users, Inzone headphones support Tempest 3D audio for the console. Computer users get a much more customizable listening experience. Sony 360 Spatial Sound Mobile App helps you measure your ears and create a unique sound profile tailored to you.


There are two models: the M9 is a 27 ″ 4K monitor for $ 899, and the M3 is a 27 ″ 1080p monitor. While they have a similar design with tripods, slim bezels and a sleek PlayStation-style look thanks to the white back panel, they do have significant differences.

The M9’s 4K display features full array local dimming, which optimizes brightness and increases contrast. The goal here is to create a brighter, more vivid image that allows you to clearly distinguish between objects and other players in the dark corner of the map. The M9 also has HDR 600, while the M3 is limited to HDR 400.

Both displays support HDMI 2.1 and offer variable refresh rates. The M9, as a 4K monitor, reaches a refresh rate of 144 Hz, but the M3 goes up to 240 Hz. Both monitors have a response time of 1ms and are G-Sync compatible.

But just like Inzone headphones, monitors are more geared towards PC gamers than console users. PC-only Inzone hub gives you complete control over your picture and sound, and allows you to create visual / audio profiles for specific games. The displays also have features focused on first-person shooters, including predictive image mode, a black equalizer, a speedometer, multiple on-screen targeting options, and a match-time tracker.

Last but not least, Sony has confirmed that this line of monitors and headphones will be used in EVO 2022.

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