Sony didn’t pay to remove Culf of the Lamb from Game Pass, Devolver Digital claims

The company was accused of taking money for not bringing the game to the subscription system

Microsoft’s recent allegations that Sony will pay developers to keep games out of Game Pass A series of indictments have been filed against companies that followed the scheme. in social networks, Screenwriter Gary Whitta stated that Cult of the LambDevolver Digital’s latest success was one of the games that got paid for not logging into the subscription system.

In an interview with Kinda Funny host Blessing Adoye, Uita stated Devolver received a financial incentive to stay away from the Xbox platform. In a statement posted to The Gamer’s website, the publisher said the allegations are completely false and There was no agreement in this case.

released on August 11, The game features a cute little sheep who aims to defeat the ancient gods And build a cult of your followers. Available versions Pracha, macOS, Nintendo Switch and platforms Game station and XboxThe game proved a great success It exceeded the mark of 1 million copies sold.

Sony and Microsoft are exchanging accusations

Rumor has it that the release of Cult of the Lamb was somewhat influenced by Sony The documents were sent to Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense. In them, Microsoft claims that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard will not hurt the market and that, in fact, it is Sony. carries out anti-competitive activities against your opponents.

Among the arguments used by the company are the accusations of a Japanese competitor Uses its economic power and influence to block titles from entering Game Pass. However, Microsoft did not specify which games would be affected by the practice or how often it was used.

caused by the situation Various speculations about which games would be affected by Sony, followed by a charge against the Cult of the Lamb. According to Uita, the PlayStation owner knew that without his influence, most gamers would Prefer to enjoy the game through Game Pass Instead of accruing the funds charged to their platforms.


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Source: The Gamer


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