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Designed for games with PS Remote Play, a new accessory was announced by Sony this Thursday (28). Called Backbone One, the gamepad is available now and lets you enjoy games right on your iPhone. The design is inspired by DualSense, the PlayStation 5 controller, but without features like a microphone and haptic feedback.

Backbone One (Image: Disclosure / PlayStation)

Priced at $99.99 at Backbone’s official store, the accessory comes in white to look as close as possible to the PlayStation 5 controller. The product features the familiar triangle, square, circle, X, R and L buttons as the main, but also provides easy access to menus and screenshots.

The two companies designed it together. It has a jack for different types of headphones, but it also offers a direct connection to the official PlayStation Pulse 3D headset. It should be remembered that the gamepad needs the power of the iPhone to work.

Also, according to Sony, the Backbone One is designed for use with the PS Remote Play app. This way, the company claims it’s easy to connect to a PS4 or PS5 without needing a TV to enjoy the game via streaming.

Of course, you can use it to play other App Store titles, from shooters to RPGs. Xbox Cloud Gaming even supports peripherals. Which is good news.

Finally, the new accessory is initially available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. No Brazil until further notice.

The PlayStation brand offers a range of accessories

This is neither the first nor the last option that Sony offers in terms of peripherals. Just for the PlayStation 5, the Japanese company has already put items like the official remote control, HD camera and the aforementioned headset in stores.

One of the latest is the PlayStation VR 2, which received approval from Anatel in Brazil in June 2022. The gaming-oriented part of virtual reality comes with Sense controls to ensure gaming immersion. No pricing information here as its launch is not official yet.

For the most passionate fans, there is no shortage of alternatives to spread the brand throughout the home.

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