Sony announces 7 indie games for PlayStation

Games coming soon to PS4 and PS5

Sony today (Thursday 07) announced a trailer announcing new indie games coming to Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the future. In addition to the reveal trailer for every game released by Playstation, Sony has published an in-depth article about each game on its PlayStation blog.

You can check out the trailer above with all the announced games and some brief information. Some of the games may look familiar, having previously been announced on other platforms, but those interested can now read the details in each PlayStation Blog post.

Sea of ​​stars

Developed by Sabotage Studio, this turn-based combat RPG is coming to PlayStation consoles in 2023, and new information has been published on the PlayStation Blog detailing the combat, with completely turn-based mechanics such as timed strikes and combo moves.

More details on Sea of ​​Stars turn-based combat

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SChiM is a game with very peculiar and creative mechanics, which consists in the fact that you control a character that moves only in the shadows of objects, almost as if diving into their shadows. The game is still in development and will be released on Playstation consoles in 2023.

PlayStation Blog page about SCHIM

Cult of the Lamb

With a cute aesthetic, but a somewhat strange theme, this game will be released early on PlayStation consoles, as early as August 11, 2022. In the title, you basically run your own cult to attract followers. Also, remember to clean up excrement.

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Managing a sect can be difficult
Cult of the Lamb, available August 11

Signals (PS4)

This horror game will also be released later this year for PlayStation consoles on October 27th. The game is a multiplayer and horror action in a science fiction world, in which you need to survive and solve mysteries in your spaceship that crashed into the planet.

PlayStation Blog page about Signalis

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition

Another India coming to PlayStation this year on September 6th, this Phoenix Edition game allows you to travel to different locations on the game map, develop and explore it, always with new gameplay mechanics.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition comes out on September 6

Golf is cursed

This curious golf game differs from other sports games by mixing combat and cheat elements for the character. It’s really hard to imagine, but you can see it in the trailer below. Cursed to Golf will be released on August 18th on Playstation.

On the Cursed Golf page on the PlayStation Blog


Finally, we have another Roguelike, but also with a psychological horror theme, card-based gameplay that combines these mechanics with roguelike. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming soon.

Psychological terror rises in Inscryption, in the dark
A deck building game


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