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Sonic celebrates its 31st anniversary this week. With a few ups and downs, the character is at a high level at this point in its history: we have both the film a success and the last original game, Sound ManiaIt was amazing (let’s ignore it Sonic forces for a while). We still have to get it this year Sonic Frontiers And it is impossible to know its quality until we have the game in hand. But before that, there is another collection that will delight fans: Sonic Origins.

Sincerely, Sonic Origins It is difficult to analyze. On the one hand, we have the classic hedgehog games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD And Sonic 3 & Knuckles) At best. On the other hand, these are games whose re-release we have already seen several times and the collection itself could have been much more extensive considering the library of character titles.

Let me clarify my comment first: Games Sonic Origins They have a great quality in themselves, except that they mentioned the childhoods of several players (including mine). However, this is an expensive collection for what they offer and I am still looking forward to the final collection vowelEvery game is possible and imaginable for the PS2, GameCube and Xbox generations at least.

On the other hand, Sonic Origins It’s not “just” the original gaming port. And this is where the collection deserves praise.

Sonic Origins

At the beginning of the collection we already have the first news: animated scenes. Favorite cartoon showing all game reviews is shown. Every game in the collection has an opening scene and a closing scene in the same style, creating a connection between them.

Then we have a really cool 3D menu with the elements that each game contains (and, ironically, the missing game Sonic Spinball Depicts a museum). And surprisingly, the entire menu is localized in Brazilian Portuguese.

Sonic Origins

You can enjoy all the games in anniversary and classic mode. The classics are exactly what they used to be on a mega drive, with 4: 3 graphics (square footage) and live. No secrets. In birthday mode, we can enjoy 16: 9, endless life and some access adjustments. For example, we have the ability to Drop Dash in all games (press and hold the jump button after jumping to let Sonic land quickly) and turn it into Super Sonic with the triangle button. If you fail the bonus phase of collecting emeralds, it can be repeated by spending a coin.

These coins are collected in the anniversary mode where life would have been originally. There are also rewards from the new Quest mode. That is, for those who already know the original games, you can view the mission and anniversary mode to see what’s new.

Sonic Origins

Mission mode has 15 challenges for each game (Sonic 3 & Knuckles Considered as one game). These are goals such as completing a course without eliminating enemies or collecting 50 rings as quickly as possible – all in familiar environments but adapted for missions, so there are completely new routes. There are also ranks that determine your performance. Also, missions are becoming more and more difficult.

This is a very cool mode and will undoubtedly bring a touch of novelty to the collection. But because they are short (some challenges can last less than 30 seconds), this is more than a longer mode. In my opinion, this is a waste of potential. I’m not going to lie and I hope they will release quest DLCs – I will not complain about more challenges.

Sonic Origins

Another mode of collection is the museum. There are several pictures, music and videos to unlock – both playing and spending the above coins (which are accepted in missions and anniversary mode). The mode seems to be very perfect, with a few different contents for the collection games. The songs go even further and offer remixes Super Smash Bros. Quarrel And Sonic Generationsfor example.

Speaking of songs: Yes, Sonic 3 Has undergone changes. As SEGA has already warned, the songs played in the Carnival Night Zone, IceCap Zone and Launch Base Zone are not the same as in the Mega Drive game. When the title came out for PC in the 90s, we had different versions of these songs and that is exactly what is presented Sonic Origins. There are also other minor changes like Invincibility and Super Sonic, but they are just different arrangements. Ultimately understandable, but unfortunate because the originals are so much better. It should be noted that there is no music Sonic & Knuckles Has changed.

Sonic Origins

Finally, it should be noted that there are still additional modes for each game. Except for Blue Spheres and Multiplayer for Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Are “Boss Challenge” and “Mirror” servants. As the names suggest, the first basically treats the elders in sequence and in a timely manner. The second is the whole game play from right to left. Strange, but strangely it has an air of novelty as well.

For those who like to spend their time and participate in online rankings, every stage of the game has a time recorded when you play and in the museum submenu it is possible to check, repeat and view everything. These ratings.

Sonic Origins Rating
Dominates the rankings until the game becomes public.

As it was said, Sonic Origins Is the final collection for these games vowel. Here is almost everything you could do with them. There are a few small things that could still be done, for example, Knuckles in Sonic CD (You can only play with Sonic and Tails in this title), but the developers’ love for these games is awesome.

The only criticism is the price: wait for the promotion. The collection is valid for those who want to repeat or understand the origin of the hedgehog, but not for the price set, regardless of all the extras described above or not. Although it is a novelty Sonic 3 & Knuckles “Remasterized”, same 16: 9 versions Sonic 1, 2 And CD It has long been on mobiles and for free (with advertising). It is for such items that I think the collection could be cheaper or much larger, even if the missed games are not treated properly (16: 9, etc.).

The game is analyzed on PS5 with the code provided by SEGA.

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