Sonic Frontiers: The development team has taken care to prevent motion sickness in players

The game was released this week and received mixed reviews from the community.

The new Blue Hedgehog game is out this Tuesday (8) for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Sonic Frontiers brings an open-world experience, and the game’s producer, Sachiko Kawamura, said that developer Sonic Team took care to avoid motion sickness in players.

Known motion sickness can cause severe nausea, headache and vomiting. To avoid problems during the experience, Kawamura said in an interview with the Famitsu portal that The developers worked intensively on the game settingsIn order to avoid motion sickness during the game, due to the number of elements displayed on the screen at high speed.

Producer Sachiko Kawamura Says Sonic Team Worked To Make The Gameplay Avoid Motion Sickness

During the interview, Kawamura thanked everyone who participated in testing the game. “I can only thank the QA team. Some of them could not play the game due to illness. I thought it would be a shame if something was not done to solve the problem. So we took it very seriously. Finally, we prepared many measures to prevent the problem” .

Sonic Frontiers received mixed reviews from the community

After the game’s first trailer, Sonic Frontiers failed to convince many people of its quality. At first glance inspired by an open world with clear optimization problems The game seemed destined to receive mixed reviews from the public.🇧🇷 And that’s exactly what happened.

With an expansive soundtrack and cutscenes reminiscent of the franchise’s classics, Sonic Frontiers delighted many people, but left an equal amount of people disappointed. Reviews from sites like Metacritic range from 20 to 90, with most staying in the 75s. The results indicate an average game, with features that please some and issues that disappoint others.

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