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“Leave the life you once knew, see a new world worth fighting for, and find the truth of who you are meant to be, another path to walk.” These beautiful lines from the theme song Sonic Frontiers, I am hereThey are almost prophetic about the game.

After all, even though the character’s worst phase is behind us for some time now, the Sonic Team-developed Blue Hedgehog titles have been receiving mixed reviews. Fairly or unfairly, Sprinter never achieved a 3D gameplay format that could win over the public and critics alike, so it was time to let go of the past and explore new horizons, as Izuka-san himself said:

After a controversial 5 years Sonic Forces, the long development cycle allowed the hero to take market trends and interpret them with his own strong identity. Well, the open world, or rather “open zones” as they are called here, sets the tone for the new journey. Now you can play Sonic like never before! But is this change a good thing? Find out in our full review below!

No hedgehog is an isolated island

As I mentioned in our exclusive preview with over six hours of gameplay, the biggest Sonic Frontiers is that it has a gameplay loop unlike any other game in the franchise. While there is no one right way to play the game, and while you can divide your time as you wish between the various activities, there are some basic guidelines to follow in order to progress through the campaign.

These open spaces are actually islands that function as a giant playground, and that’s where you’ll be able to access everything you need. Each area has a final boss that you can only defeat if you collect all the emeralds. They, in turn, can be released from the rest point only if you use several keys. These keys can be obtained by visiting the portals that give access to the phases of the linear race. And to open these portals you need the gear that is usually attached to the sub-bosses. Wow!!

That sounds like a lot, and in fact, the first hour or two of the campaign can be a little slow, confusing, or awkward as you try to figure out how the game works and what’s the most fun way for you. activity. Personally, I didn’t have any problems and found it interesting to play through, but I can imagine someone overloading and giving up, which would be a crime, because after that every hour of play is progressively better than the last.

There are a lot of lessons and systems to absorb, and here we have some problems, because not all of them are as deep, useful or interesting. For example, Sonic now has a small skill tree and you have to unlock upgrades manually little by little. After dozens of hours of gameplay, I still think it would be better to just include all these powers at once, make the fights as cool as possible, and thus divert the player’s attention to other topics.

I mean, look at how much stuff we already have on the table in this text-only thread, and I haven’t even mentioned the mnemonic items (which you have to collect around the map to unlock interactions with Sonic’s friends that progress the story), the challenge system that unlocks more of the map at once, Mini-games, damage and defensive upgrades by collecting seeds… many things And this recipe takes some time to put together. And I’m afraid people will drop the dish before it’s ready because the presentation isn’t the prettiest while the ingredients are still mixed in there…

This is seeing is believing

While the internet is home to a lot of cool stuff, unfortunately, it’s also very strong in spreading toxicity and unfair common sense from time to time. As a Sonic fan, it’s been pretty frustrating to use the interwebs for the past few months with no promising trailer, song, or news. Sonic Frontiers If it was, the same people would continue to play the game just because it had such a bad exposure early on. And as we know, Twitter, YouTube and the like are not really friendly networks for redemption arcs.

trouble Sonic Frontiers The thing is, on top of all these factors, it’s a very difficult game to make a sale and convince someone to change their mind through images alone. I could show you 20 videos of the game where it was interesting, but if you already realized that it is bad and more like a fan demo made in Unreal Engine, even the biggest rhetoric in the world will change your mind. And this is because you will hardly find a stunning segment in the game, as in modern blockbusters, which participate in a highly enjoyable cinematic experience that dominates, for example, in the West.

As the Japanese school of design dictates, there is nothing absolutely nothing, is above the gameplay. It’s an experience you have to have and feel in your hands to appreciate. It’s a game that quietly eats away at the edges and subliminally creeps into your subconscious as you play more and more. I noticed this Sonic Frontiers It was something special when suddenly, mid-afternoon, I found myself missing her phases when I wasn’t even thinking about it.

I miss running at full speed through deserts and volcanoes hanging on rails. I missed the sense of discovery of finding my way through terrain that seemed unreachable. I missed Ian Flynn’s very well-written characters, in addition to the narrative mystery and well-punctuated drama that goes far beyond other mascot games. And I really appreciate a game that still manages to challenge all this today, when we see more and more beaten and less daring formulas!

Surprises and more surprises

While embargo guidelines prevent me from talking about some of my favorite items, many others are thankfully open now. For example, in a just world, great soundtrack Sonic Frontiers would be awarded all over the world. It’s cool how the game switches up the orchestrations and a bit of lo-fi in open spaces with J-rock in other segments including electronic music and some really good remixes in cyberspace. This is one of the best tracks of the generation, no doubt!

While not all minigames are equally deep and fun, I was also very surprised by the variety of them. Even with tens of hours of campaign time — it’s quite an extensive journey, easily the longest in the series to date! – I was constantly finding new things, be it pinball segments, navigation, or even escort missions and more. It’s clear how much care and effort the team put into this and many other departments.

As someone who grew up playing challenging 8-bit games, I also greatly appreciate this path boundaries was structured in a clear ascending order of difficulty and difficulty. The best levels, platforming sessions, world structures and challenges are in the second half of the game, so if you find everything too easy and simple at first, be patient because I guarantee you the wait will pay off. !


Sonic Frontiers It’s not a perfect game, its presentation isn’t the prettiest, and convincing someone to play it with just pictures isn’t an easy task. So, while the game will probably suffer a bit in public discourse because of this, trust me: its open world is one of the most fun ever created for those who, like me, appreciate gameplay more! Sonic has never been more exciting in 3D than it is now, and few titles offer such a fun playground. It took a while, but Sonic Team has finally found a formula that, if refined, can guarantee years and years of great games for one of gaming’s greatest heroes!

Between the mistakes and the successes, Sonic Frontiers has a lot to enjoy and proves a bright future for the hero

Sonic Frontiers was provided by SEGA for this review.

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