Songs performed in Elden Ring are not Latin and use words randomly generated by a computer program

Except for one song performed in real Latin

If there’s one thing that always shines through FromSoftware games, it’s the soundtrack. From cult compositions that already appeal to bosses (and the agony of confronting them), a calmer environment to the tracks. In the Elden Ring it is no different. But one thing that caught redditor’s attention is that Songs sung. While the vast majority thought so Some ancient languages, such as Latin, are really just computer random.

Yes, it sounds weird, but the soundtracks in the Elden Ring don’t really sing at all. The Redditor Magister Organi, which studies Latin, has been studying the songs performed in the game for several months now and has come to this conclusion.

Master Organ began his research with the composition “Song of Mourning” sung in Latin by some “bat / female” monsters. Its translation into English (from Latin) can be seen in this video here. And, according to redditor, this is the only song that is actually written and performed in Latin. However he still has grammatical errors.

He analyzed a themed song by Mohg Lord of Blood that sounds Latin, but according to the student, none of the words uttered in the composition are in the old language, but rather the songs are combined to give the song a dramatic effect (which is very good, worthy of mention). The same goes for the Godskin theme.

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The composers have proven that they are random songs

The organ contacted some of the composers of the Elden Ring and received responses from them. With the exception of Song of Lament, the rest of the songs performed just say nothing. He said the letters were made by computer programs and then corrected to make them look more Latin.

The truth is that it is a shame because more learning can be said through songs. Just take a look at a song performed by Bats that tells a little bit about the history of the Elden Ring. Magister Organi also says that other songs performed by FromSoftware follow the same path.

The public continues to investigate every part of the Elden ring and more discoveries are coming to light. However, it seems that the study of game compositions will take a new direction from now on.


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