Social media apologizes to fans

After creating confusion with netizens, the Need for Speed ​​Unbound Twitter account released a statement apologizing for the excessive behavior. The message is meant to make amends to fans for inappropriate responses given in recent months.

In a note, the profile promised a new approach and acknowledged the presence of “heated” messages due to the hype surrounding the game’s launch. According to the report, Electronic Arts’ social media “crossed the line” and ended up annoying players with disrespectful comments.

Admittedly, we’ve gotten a little caught up in the hype of the release, and some of our recent reactions on social media have crossed the line. We apologize to the fans who are upset. We will do better. See you back here next week.

Last Tuesday (22nd) admin misconduct reached its peak after an argument with a user who didn’t understand some information. At the time, the profile called Internet users “milky brains” and sparked outrage, with people claiming to cancel pre-sales.

The thread has since been deleted, but screenshots have been circulating online in compiled form, with several instances of heated responses being offered to the account. Since the game was released in October of that year, Need for Speed ​​Unbound’s social media has become popular.

Screenshots of the recent discussion can be found below:

Need for Speed ​​Unbound launches on December 2nd for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

EA releases new Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound game

EA recently released Need for Speed ​​Unbound gameplay footage, highlighting various race tracks and events. The images show various car effects, a fusion of photorealistic visuals and anime aesthetics, and details of day and night scenarios. Click here to learn more.

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