Soccer classic Actua Soccer launches on Steam on October 10

The game will allow you to relive the emotions of the 97/98 season of international football

before FIFA and eFootball Dominating the world of virtual football, several developers and franchises have been fighting for a place in the sun in this space. This is the case Actua Soccer, a series created by Gremlin Interactive, will finally make its official debut on Steam on October 10th.More than 20 years after the release of its latest version.

The person responsible for bringing the classic game to the Valve platform is Pixel UK, which also plans to bring the tennis game Actua Tennis to it soon. Originally released in 1997, Actua Soccer 2 covers the 97/98 season and offers access to a selection of 11 national teams and a team of international stars.

The game features Alan Shearer, a forward who had a successful career in the English league, playing for teams such as Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. He currently works as a sports commentator. Scheer left his name in history as the Premier League’s all-time leading goalscorer260 goals scored.

Actua Soccer 2 promises to support modern features

This is reported by Pixel UK on its Steam page Actua Soccer 2 will allow you to assemble custom teams with names like David Beckham, Bobby Moore and Pele.. The game also promises “support for most modern controls” and a new system to save progress at any stage.

In addition, the modern version of the game will allow you to review the commands and introduce options to improve the scaling and graphics of your images. Despite this, Don’t expect to see the same level of detail here as FIFA 23 or eFootball — Like other games of its era, the title features very “square” characters with no recognizable faces.

It is also known as Fox Sports Soccer 99 (in North America), Actua Soccer 2 was originally released for the PlayStation 1 and Microsoft Windows. Upon release, the game received mixed reviews, with The latest soccer game developed by Gremlin Interactive (which was once owned by DMA Design, the makers of GTA) until it was acquired by Infogrames in 2000.

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