Smugglers are selling the Switch’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Edition for $300

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Scalpers, scalpers, middlemen, you name it, the gaming and hardware industry has seen a lot of them lately. Xenoblade Chronicles 3, for the Nintendo Switch, is one of the games affected by the disease. More specifically yours A special edition version available for over $300 on select websites.

This special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes with an art book in a steel case and costs $89.99 from the Nintendo Online Store. Also, the version is exclusive to the store and like some people Twitter It is already known that it can no longer be found on the Nintendo Store.

And that’s where middlemen come in, taking advantage of the opportunity and selling games on stores like eBay, as always, for values ​​that range from $185 to $350. The vast majority of ads come from the US, but you can find a few from Canada and Australia as well.

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Accessing eBay here, values ​​are converted and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Edition is worth over a thousand reais, sometimes close to 2 thousand reais. There are sellers who sponsor your ad and there are “top tier” sellers on eBay.

A Twitter user aegis_runestoneDesperately warning everyone not to buy into the scalpers game so as not to feed the practice, which is nothing new and certainly should not be stopped anytime soon.

The practice is becoming more and more frequent and very fast

This is the second pre-order for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Edition. During the first shipment, Nintendo even limited purchases to two units per account, but that didn’t help much. In Europe, this special edition of the game has been delayed and will be released after the launch of Nintendo’s title on July 29th.

Exchangers have no restrictions. Even Invitation to beta testing the game sold by them. This happened last November when the Elden Ring network beta consoles and keys were selling for more than the collector’s editions.

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Steam Deck was another one that was affected by this. In this case, it was only the reservation of the Valve laptop opened almost a year ago, and the prices reached a ridiculous 10 thousand dollars. The US government has said it is studying ways to stop the practice, but nothing has been done yet.


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