Skyrim: Together Reborn coop mod arrives later this week on PC

Starting this Friday (8), players will be able to participate The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Thanks to the launch in the group with Reborn.

O mode of cooperation Allows up to 8 simultaneous players to participate in the same game session, with elements such as dialogue text, audio, chest contents, loot items, and quest progress. shared between group members.

Below, you can see a small portion of the multiplayer gameplay mode of cooperation from Skyrim. In the recording, we see the mod in action, with five simultaneously participating in the same game session.

Dragonisser, one of the creators of the mod, revealed on Reddit that not only Modi arrives this week Also skipping the beta testing period that comes with version 1.0 This Friday at 1 p.mBrazil time. The downloads will be made available on the Nexus Mods website.

First of all, it should be noted that, although it is very interesting and very encouraging, The mod was created by a small team, is made up mostly of students and is completely free. That is, we should not wait for the final product Fully refined or seamless.

In fact, the developers of the mod already make it clear Errors, crashes and many other types of problems Not only unexpected, but inevitable. “Fashion isn’t perfect,” explains Dragonisser, “it is sometimes.” Crash, some missions will crash, there will be bugs“. And, as the developers say, there’s no fixing either. “This is the reality of creating a multiplayer mod, instead of a huge studio like Bethesda making a multiplayer game.”

Despite the inevitable problems, however, the developer claims that Skyrim Together Reborn works much better than the previous version A modification that has already been allowed to take advantage of TES V online with friends. “It’s playable, fun, and much better than the previous Skyrim Together mod, which was about Reborn. In addition, the new version should still be compatible with other mods, allowing players to continue using their favorite mods. .” Without affecting online co-op match performance.

Created by a group of students in their spare time for free, Skyrim Reborn will be together Compatible with version only Skyrim Special Edition, available for PC on Steam. Other versions such as the Anniversary Edition or those available for VR, consoles, Game Pass or the “Legendary Edition” will not be supported by the mod.

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