Skyrim gets Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system via mod

Shadow of Skyrim transforms enemies into special and more powerful versions

Brought to you by Modder Syclonix Middle Earth: The Nemesis System of Mordor Before Skyrim. as Shadow of Skyrim mod, every enemy the player defeats – from dragons to crabs – is given a special name and becomes more powerful, creating new revenge narratives for the game. Shadow of Skyrim was released last week (07) and has been downloaded over 4500 times.

Enemies who defeat the player will receive a special nickname, becoming Nemesis. To make the revenge narrative more interesting, the player’s equipment is left with the enemy, who can start using it against the player. Also, a negative status is added to your character – such as “cannot use shields”, and will be removed only after defeating the nemesis.

The mod also creates an automatic quest to make hunting easier and more interactive. To make the system work, the game’s death mechanism has also been changed, with an alternate death system reviving your character in a tavern instead of loading the last checkpoint. In this way, there is continuity in the narrative every time the player is defeated.

on Video above You can see an example of the Skyrim mod in action. begining At the 3 meter mark we see Cyclonyx defeated by a fire mage nicknamed Andreas Bright Eyes. After defeating him. In addition to being strengthened, the location of enemy detection is also changed to make the revenge quest more dynamic.

Because Skyrim is an open world game, only enemies up to level 25 other than the player can become Nemesis. This prevents you from making the enemy much stronger than your character becoming a special enemy and still adding a disadvantage that will be very difficult to remove. Also, an NPC important to the story cannot become a Nemesis.

The Nemesis System is patented by Warner Bros.

The in-game Nemesis system created for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is patented by Warner Bros., which could cause some problems for Syclonix mods. O However, the developer insists that Shadow of Skyrim is not a copy, but a mechanic inspired by the Nemesis System.. He claims his system also takes inspiration from other cheats and systems found in modern RPGs.

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