Skull and Bones is getting a new game and confirms a November release

The pirate game promises a focus on cooperative gameplay and several years of additional content

During a broadcast this Thursday (7) afternoon, Ubisoft came out New Skull and Bones gameplay videos, their latest pirate game. In them, the company confirmed that there will be a game Mix ocean exploration with varied mission durations and the mechanics of ship management and the happiness of the crew.

Players will begin their adventure as a novice pirate who, through hard work and some smart decisions, can become a real king of the oceans. The title promises a variety of contracts, treasures and enemy fleetsThe focus is on PvE combat – although a PvP mode will also be featured in the final version.

in skull and bones The main currency that matters is reputation, which the player earns by completing missions and keeping the crew happy.. In addition to destroying targets and transporting cargo, the player will have to buy resources that can be used to upgrade ships as well Buy food for your sea mates.

Skull and Bones brings a collaborative focus

According to Ubisoft, Each Skull and Bones server will have room for up to 20 playerswhich encourage cooperative work, formation Groups of 2 or 3 crews. After defeat, the player will return to the post where he received his last mission, losing some resources in the process.

If he was carrying loads when this happened, They will remain floating in the ocean until they are claimed or received by other players.. The developer promises that the title will receive a lot of support after its release, promising to bring “years of additional content”.

– Continues after commercial –

Despite the long development time and change in direction, Skull and Bones currently looks pretty close to the idea Ubisoft sold when the game was revealed in 2017.. The title hits stores on November 8th of this year, with versions confirmed Pracha, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia.


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Source: PC Gamer


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