Skate is announced as free-to-play and with a crossplay system

During a live stream this Thursday (14), Electronic Arts gave more details about the new game in the Skate franchise. The title will be available for free to play and will feature crossplay, coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC – possibly mobile devices as well.

The news was accompanied by a series of images in the pre-alpha and alpha stages, where it is possible to observe the collision mechanics, movement, maneuvers and interaction with the maps. According to developer Full Circle, the scenarios will support multiple simultaneous events, offering a “constantly evolving” world.

“It’s an authentic evolution of the franchise, meaning that Skateboard 3 was in 2010 and bring it now and into the future,” said Deran Chung, the game’s creative the interview on the edge. “It’s not just the evolution of the franchise, it’s the evolution of where skateboarding is and has been from 2010 to now, and also where gaming is from the past to the present.”

When you enter the city, you don’t know what is being built, what was built or what is happening. You jump and say, “Oh, what is that? Like a human plinko wall? I’ll have to check it out.’ And the collaboration zones you create will appear in the world to others in real time.

With no confirmed platforms, Skate will have full support for cross-play between machines and cross-progression – transferring save files via the cloud. However, the developers have said that the title is still far from being released. Watch live below:

Skate will not have aggressive microtransactions

Another innovation is microtransactions. This business model will not offer paid benefits and will not turn the game into a pay-to-win. Thus, the shop will only make cosmetics and “convenience” items available as a way to create a “healthy model” that allows us to continue investing in the game.

The team also plans to get elements like seasonal drops and live events, but is still “exploring different options.” New details are expected to be shared in the coming months.

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